Chocolates and Deadlines

Well, it’s not Christmas time, and well past New Year’s Day, but the short story collection is on the way! I will post an extract shortly, along with the cover.

I blame chocolate for deterring me from my path to reaching this deadline (to eat or to type, one has to choose) but all things settled with my New Year’s resolutions. I’m supposed to eat dairy free, gluten free and some other thing I can’t remember. Unfortunately I just found some dairy free and gluten free chocolate to die for…so well, if I’m ever web dead again, you can assume my fingers have gotten too big for my keyboard.

Skye and Arkhan will resume as well after some well deserved holidays from fighting off monsters and dark spirits.

Hoping the new year has started well and has been kind to you all 😉


(photo by Jennifer Pallian)


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