It seems a few chapters have lost their ways to my blog and website! Lack of time and all that, there really should be a day between Saturday and Sunday…

Skye and Arkhan continue, chapters to follow. I’ve also updated the pages Novel and Novellas on my website, so if anyone wants to read from the beginning here are the links:

SKYE, is available here:


ARKHAN, Days of Fire, here:



Feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback 😉

I’m off to edit some more and drink as much tea as humanly possible (I’m told coffee is a bad idea at 10.30 pm…)


(Note, the empty space is to bang my head on the table when I’ve rewritten and rewritten the same sentence eight times and it still goes like this : ‘She looked how as hard as she could’. What the heck is that supposed to mean?  That’s writing life for you! )

Happy weekend everyone – or rather…what’s left of it, but hey let’s see the glass half-full 😉

(Photos by Dariusz Sankowski, and Dustin Lee)

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