Novella Wednesday…starts with SKYE

The Novella Wednesday chapter-by-chapter starts today! Meet Skye…


We’ve always known. No matter how little we remembered from our past, we knew we didn’t belong here. Memories start to form, out of dreams, out of life, out of a feeling you have.
We still recall the day she came to meet us at the orphanage. Her smile was bright,genuine, she loved us already and we knew she didn’t ask for anything in return. The man was different, reluctant. He grinned slightly but his behaviour betrayed an anxiety, doubts about having children, or perhaps of having us – two quiet dark-haired boys, perfectly identical.
He scoffed as he heard my name, “Ariel?”he said, jokingly,”like the mermaid?”
“Like the Angel,” I replied. He stared, unsure of what to say,plunging us all in an uncomfortable silence. Michael and I exchanged an understanding gaze. This one wouldn’t do.
We made sure he didn’t stay long in our lives. We healed the pain in her mind though some scars remained in her heart. Hearts are too hard to work on. They’re unpredictable, wild and easily weary. So we left a little ache, the only pieces we couldn’t remove, and we made her move out, convinced her without words that our lives would be better elsewhere. She moved us to Hollowell, a small city south of her hometown. It wasn’t far enough for her to feel insecure, yet away enough from her family.
Some come to visit us still, her mother mainly, but she is more interested in us than she is in her daughter. She senses there’s something wrong, but she doesn’t know what. She’s like a bear, instinctively trying to protect her cub. Maybe one day she’ll let go. We have nothing against her, so for now we let her stay.

She comes at least twice a month, a few days here and there. A foolish idea crept into her head once, she wanted to move in here,that way she would keep an eye on us permanently. We killed this burgeon of thoughts instantly, both of us alert at the same time,both of us scurrying her mind within seconds. We might have been overzealous. She felt lightheaded, then suffered migraines for six months, as much time she couldn’t come see us. It wasn’t our plan to wound her so, sometimes fright gets the better of us.
Our mother doesn’t like Hollowell. She is forlorn quite often. She doesn’t remember the streets most of the time. We have to work on her constantly. If she raises doubts about how fit she is to raise us, we might be taken away. We’re still too young in the eye of this planet’s law, sixteen and three quarters, though I’m told that’s not how it’s counted.
She will get used to living here. We’ll make sure of that. We have much work to do and what we need is in Hollowell. We need Skye.


Copyright©2016 by Jane King


If you liked what you just read, the story continues next week…




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