The idea for this very first Short Story post (arguably more of a flash fiction kind of story) came when someone told me they had dreamed of me being contacted by a woman pirate writer. I loved this image and instantly imagined a writer on her pirate ship, floating in space in search of ideas in people’s minds. Why was the ship in space you might wonder? Well, not a clue. But here’s what came from it:

She lifted the oars, remaining calm until it settled. Docking was never easy, no matter how tranquil the waters, there was always something wild at bay, some defence mechanism ready to throw her overboard. She couldn’t drown here or all would be lost – years of research, countless voyages and treasure troves gone to dust.
The wooden boat groaned; its entrails shrunk by the small passageway. It wouldn’t go any further; she would have to continue on her own. She looked about – it was darkness as usual, a few lights pulsing here and there in the distance, but she hadn’t been noticed yet.
She dropped anchor, uncertain. She had done this many times, yet the first step was still the hardest. Plunging, the big fall – as they called it. She got up and steadied herself on the rocking boat. She put on her mask and suit, tying herself strongly to the embarkation.
After two deep breaths she threw herself into the waters, back first, as she had been taught, and her dig started. The liquid was thick, thicker than usual. Her lungs were squeezed and for a moment she couldn’t breathe. She swallowed, calmed down, holding on to the rope linking her to her boat. She descended.
Shadows of coloured lights crashed against her, as they didn’t know what she was. Concentrating was now difficult, she had to catch one of them and extract its essence. There, one was within reach. She stretched out her hand and closed her fist inside the light. It wriggled but she snatched it. It flew within her arm.
Cold at first, it became warm, travelling up to her head. Her mind trembled with desire. She loved the feeling of a fresh idea, fresh from the mind of some unsuspecting soul.

Copyright©2016 by Jane King

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