Sunday Blog Post

photo-1473181488821-2d23949a045a“Not for the first time in the history of the universe, someone for whom communication normally came as effortlessly as a dream was stuck for inspiration when faced with a few lines on the back of a card.”  Terry Pratchett, Witches Abroad.

… My sentiment exactly, as I tried to pen down my very first blog post and found myself staring at a blank page refusing to speak, despite being tortured with clichés and crooked sentences.

It can be easy to write fiction, especially if you don’t bother too much with methodology, writing style, structure and, you know, normal stuff that makes a book readable. Once you start shaping what your mind is throwing up it suddenly sings a different tune.
A blog post is quite similar to reviewing your novel after you’ve had fun writing your first draft. It’s for people to see, to read and potentially enjoy, so it needs to be understandable by other people than the little ones inhabiting your schizophrenic mind…
So here I am, trying hard, to write something that can make sense, and that isn’t based solely on the schemes of the literary daemons haunting my mind by night and causing interferences in my head by day.
And here’s what I did, I found a quote that basically said out loud what I was thinking, and wrote four paragraphs about well, not much at all. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, I just simply don’t like beginnings, as I do not care much for endings either – I trust this is a shared sentiment among the writing sphere…
So there, we’re past that awkward bit and we can move along (quick).

Here you’ll find many articles about writing, books, authors and so forth. I will also write about interesting facts I stumble across during research (like little known monsters and gods from around the globe…) I will keep it fresh and hopefully sweet, for entertaining reads and escaping fun!
Hope to see you at the next post 😉

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